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Cactus Backup helps company get ‘back-up’ on its feet in minutes!

A Company hit by the Cryptolocker virus was helped to get back on track thanks to the data backup service and support provided by Cactus Backup.

It’s not the first call for help that Cactus Backup has recently received from a customer whose computer files have been encrypted by Cryptolocker, the newest form of cyber-crime ‘Ransomware.’

Our Customer opened a very ‘normal’ looking email and within seconds the virus had encrypted his files, not only on his computer, but on his network shares as well! Unfortunately, that’s all it takes – one click and the infection begins!

After a quick process of elimination, we recognised it as the work of Cryptolocker. We quickly removed the infected computer from the network and used the change logs from our backup service to identify the encrypted files. We first resored the most urgently needed files to a new location, checked they were accessible and correct, we then proceeded to delete the old ‘locked’ files and within minutes our customer was up and running with the full restore being complete in a couple of hours (a final file count of over 20 000 individual files).

Our customer commented: “We were totally unaware that anything like this would ever happen to us. We’re cautious about what we open on email, but this looked professional and like it came from a trusted source. Little did we know that one click and the virus takes hold! We immediately called the Technical Services Team at Cactus, our first line of support and in this case, our lifeline! As always, they handled our enquiry like true professionals; taking charge and using their technical expertise to ‘fix’ us!

Please take a look at the links below if you would like more information regarding this growing trend of cyber attack.


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